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I have been using the binder and I like seeing everything clearly, but I don't like the time to flip thru and file, etc. I just hope to finally settle into something once in for all. I thought maybe about a wallet for CVS and one for groceries. Great to have one falling apart, though, means you have used it a lot and saved a ton.

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Hi, I added a blog hop today if you wouldlike to add you blog. I hope to do as good. I'll check it out, Busy Mom. This is a good week for good deals--you'll do great, I"ll be anxious to hear how you did. Post a Comment. Successful CVS shopping takes organization.

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I have written about the five different CVSer "personalities" and an example of organization for each. Each step, from Casual to Crazy, takes more organization--you can read about that here. One reason the need for more organization is needed is the use of more coupons. This is the area I dislike about CVSing--keeping those coupons organized.

The need for a good coupon organizer is real. I tend to think along the lines of the more complicated the system the better--not necessarily true. Pizza coupons occasionally show up but that is it. Is there somewhere online you can go to get coupons? Can you order coupon catalogs? Any advice would be very appreciated.

This is the article link here which provides descriptions, links and videos about each application, from a word processing office suite to free faxing. Sometimes if you buy your paper at a store, the coupons will be missing. Another way to get coupons is to search the web.

Clip It Coupon Organizer

I know of one site, Couponbug. Some grocery stores will offer a coupon exchange bin where people people can leave unwanted coupons for others to use. Something else that has worked well for me, visit the websites for your grocery store and the companies that make the products you use most. Sometimes coupons will be available at the sites. Sometimes you can sign up to receive coupons or the company will send you coupons in the mail for commenting on their products.

In response the the article; I try to clips coupons as I get the circulars.

It saves me time on grocery shopping day and it cuts down on the clutter. On my grocery shopping day I always make a list. I then go through the entire coupon organizer and quickly sort through everything. I also try to limit the coupons I clip to brands I regularly buy or new items I want to try. I use a 3-ring binder. I wanted just a few general categories like frozen foods, condiments, cleaning supplies and so forth. My husband wanted to micro-categorize.

I had to end up writing what I MEANT by each category on its divider, and even then we still squabble over it now and again. I use a similar system using 3 brag books: food, personal care and household.

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I can generally fit 3 months worth in each book and it is easy to pull out the coupons as they expire. This is a great idea! And brag books are cheap, too. I get a lot of coupons out of the free magazines and, sometimes, coupon books e. Organic Valley is another one that tends to have a gazillion coupons in distribution at any given time. Thanks for the idea! I keep my coupons in a binder filled with baseball card holders, organized by coupon insert and date.

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I use the Grocery Game, so I can just look up what coupons to use and find them. This is definitely not a frugal plan, but for bringing them to the store, I purchased a Franklin Covey planner binder and then selected a bunch of inserts for it, including business card holders, sheet protectors, a calculator, and zipper pouches.

I separate my coupons by store. I keep my gift cards and my store rewards cards in there too. I had extra money from eBay sales and decided to splurge.

airtec.gr/images/localizar-celular/1534-como-localizar-un.php What a great idea! One of the things that has sabotaged my past attempts to use coupons more often has been lack of organization. The evolution of coupon filing for me began with clipping the coupon ASAP. While I was on the phone, I clip the coupons; place them into a coupon filer taking into consideration expiration dates which are filed with the closest approaching date to the front. I file by catagories ie. Related Products. Small Jewelry Organizer Plastic Lid.

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