How to create a coupon site in wordpress

The Best Free and Premium Coupon Plugins for WordPress

As you might already know, these sites can make thousands of dollars per month by earning you commissions for each product sold, but more on that later. Every time someone clicks that link, a cookie is stored on their browser. If they make a purchase from the vendor while the cookie is present, you are awarded a commission.

Pick a Niche or Location

Since people tend to search for coupons while they are already in the shopping cart or checkout page, your links will have an extremely high conversion rate. A relatively small amount of traffic can lead to big earnings. Your domain name is simply the address people visit to reach your site.

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It can be tricky to find an available domain name these days, especially a. Try to come up with as many variations as you can and then use a domain registrar like Namecheap to bulk check the availability of them all at once. Make sure to check the TOS for the affiliate program first since some companies may not allow use of their brand name in the URL. There are plenty of reliable hosts out there, but I always recommend Bluehost because I started with them 8 years ago when I made my first website.

I use WP Engine for all of the sites I build now and like them a lot, but their hosting comes with a premium price tag. The next step will transform your website into an online coupon sharing platform.

Why you should use coupons

A WordPress theme will completely alter how your site looks and can also add all the functionality you need. All of the themes in that collection are beautiful and feature-rich, but their designs vary wildly from one to the next. Basically, you just need to find an available domain name, signup with Bluehost , and then activate your favorite coupon theme.

Once the coupon theme is activated, there will be lots of options to configure and that comes mostly down to your own taste and opinions on web design. While the main focus of this guide is how to make your coupon site, I have a few tips for you to build your traffic and income before you go. Coupon sites thrive on search engine traffic. Picture someone whose on another site about to complete a purchase when they hit the checkout page and see a discount code box. Link building has been tough for years now after many Google algorithm changes.

However, this is the process that will allow you to slowly rank higher and get more traffic to your site. With a good strategy, patience, and persistence, you will find your efforts paying off and your rankings increasing. This will also make you better at outsourcing since you can save money and boost your ROI by outsourcing very specific SEO tasks.

CouponPress - Build Coupon & Affiliate Websites With WordPress

Scroll down and enter the coupon details. You will input the Discount Code according to how the vendor develops it.

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  • This allows you to customize the coupon should you use the URL to send visitors to specific products and services. Affiliate Coupons uses shortcodes, which means you can place these in nearly any post, page or sidebar text widget in WordPress. This is where the shortcode functions in the settings screen come into play. Copy the code of the coupon you wish to place. You can create categories and types to track certain collections of affiliates if you have more than one from a specific niche.

    How to Build a Coupon Website with WordPress

    Why is this important? It helps you keep track of what vendors are alike while giving your visitors an easy way to sort through certain coupons.

    You need vendors to give you specific coupon deals to use in your own marketing programs. Some will even email specific coupon codes to use on your website or in programs like AdWords. However, not all vendors provide these codes for users. The coupons that are currently available depend on the affiliate vendor. One thing you absolutely need to be aware of is how many affiliates do not allow competing vendors on the same webpage.

    If you use another airline, you could be pulled from the affiliate program and unable to make money.

    How to Make a Coupon Site with WordPress Easily

    Always closely read the ToS from affiliate programs. While some companies are very lenient, others will be extremely strict. In some instances, you may even forfeit any money you already made from the program. When you build a coupon site with WordPress, you want it to be visually appealing.

    If the coupons take up too much of the layout, it may cause problems when people try to read especially from mobile devices. You also want to make sure the coupons appear right in your theme. As each theme is different, you may have to make a few modifications in the Settings screen of Affiliate Coupons. This way, interested shoppers can see the page as they would a coupon section in a newspaper. Affiliate Coupons in WordPress is easy to use and comes with several options to customize the layout.

    How To Start Your Coupon & Cashback Website

    With the right affiliates, and good content marketing to pull in an audience, you could make a great deal of money from your site. Just make sure you adhere to the rules and terms of affiliates. What ways have you tried to make money online from WordPress?

    how to create a coupon site in wordpress How to create a coupon site in wordpress
    how to create a coupon site in wordpress How to create a coupon site in wordpress
    how to create a coupon site in wordpress How to create a coupon site in wordpress
    how to create a coupon site in wordpress How to create a coupon site in wordpress
    how to create a coupon site in wordpress How to create a coupon site in wordpress

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