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He already owns a BMW i3 and a Tesla.

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Initially, he was struggling to find a dealer in his area that would even touch the deal. He contacted his friend Dan Kim who was the original source of the information. Kim reached out to 15 BMW retailers before he was able to have some luck. Automotive News explains how the negotiation process worked out:.

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To start, they asked for a 14 percent discount from the sticker price and ended up with 13 percent. A bunch of special perks helped pull down the price. Two things I would suggest should be standard are: 1 Motorized driver seat adjustments. The manual movement of the seats reminds me of my first Honda Most luxury cars don't have manual seat adjustments. Ideally paired with the key fob. One for each driver. It would then adjust based on the key so that if dad is driving vs.

The vehicle needs a bigger battery —even with the , the bigger battery is still too small—need to be mile full electric capable range to compete with the newer cars that are coming out. Oct 22, Fantastic car!

How To Lease A $51, BMW i3 For $ Per Month

Great design , keep it evolving. Even though it's a reasonably quick car, still looking forward to faster speed, wider tires , and above all more miles on a single charge. Can't wait to buy or lease the next big upgrade in Updated on Nov 18, The i3 handling and that feeling of being connected to the road through the steering wheel reminds me a bit of the older generation BMW's which is a good thing.

I hope BMW can put some of this in their non electric vehicles. Regarding BMW overall, I think they need to know that customers are noticing their cost cutting and watering down of the brand with bloated, boring to drive, and ugly cars.

Can you really lease a BMW i3 for $54 per month?

The change in the warranty plan this year was also a major disappointment. The i3 however, is a refreshing and great car from BMW.

They deserve all the credit on it. You obviously know this already, but the battery range needs to last far longer. BMW needs to improve the plastics and interior quality. May 31, I really enjoy the i3 and I hope BMW continues to manufactuer the vehicles.

I would like to see greater battery capacity - up to miles on a charge and thus compare with the Tesla. My only real complaint is about the wheels ; I believe they are a little too small although I understand the fuel savings reason for it. The ride would be smoother with bigger tires.

The only other thing is why isn't BMW advertising the i3?


People stop to talk to me about my car all the time an one even knows BMW makes electric cars! Jun 20, The brand is recognized for high performing products, it is seen clearly in the i3, it has a unique construction that clearly has a lot of engineering integrity, however the current model for all its advanced engineering has not kept pace one key area which is electric range, it's designed as a city car, however in the USA even in cities the distances you drive in a normal day are barely covered by the available range. The construction of the vehicle is state of the art and very lightweight, however lower cost products with inferior construction have significantly better range, so the potential of this product I believe has not been fully realized.

This is my second i3, I would have preferred to remain with the brand but I fear they are too slow in moving the product forward given their experience in the electric space.

They really should have been the absolute leaders in this type of vehicle. Today I had a closer look at the Jaguar I pace, the car is surprisingly impressive and now I am finding that I want to give it serious consideration it is not what I want to do but the competition is simply getting better in a short period of time and hard to ignore. I had higher expectations of BMW. Apr 22, The compared to the That was so distinctive.

Updated on Dec 6, A near perfect commuter car. I would never go back to a gas powered vehicle. Lack of a functioning Android app and the requirement to connect a smartphone to use additional apps Pandora, Stitcher etc is unacceptable in modern car. Only car I know that can't provide these features over bluetooth. I love everything else about my i3, but hate this aspect. Sep 2, Looking to the future improvement.

Better battery , more mileage. An AWD version in the future for those living in the snow. A system to put removable racks on the roof. PS-I realize this would hinder mileage performance , however, for short hauls, it works for me.

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Apr 21, On my earlier i3, there were a few very minor annoyances, and one significant one: the unstable but safe rear suspension and ensuing stability control braking. But on my new i3s, those have been resolved. It is the most perfect car I have ever owned. Feb 1, The i3 makes an excellent city car, is incredibly fun to drive and easy to maneuver and park.

Visibility is excellent. As a highway car, it keeps up without issues, but has a twitchy manner on highways and gets blown around. Definitely not suited for long road trips, even in REx form, as the gas tank is too small to be useful, but works well for the occasional mid-range road trip or when additional range is necessary in a pinch. Alex Bernstein , Senior Pricing Analyst. Saved Vehicles 0 Saved Searches 0. Cars Direct.

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bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj
bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj
bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj
bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj
bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj
bmw i3 lease deals nj Bmw i3 lease deals nj

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